MyOpenMath and Moodle Discussion

Trig Cohort -

This topic is being added to have discussion on editing the MyOpenMath and Moodle courses.

Hey Trig cohort -

Remember as I stated in the meeting last week, this cohort was a challenge for MyOpenMath. The book that was used for Pressbook didn’t have anything available already made in MyOpenMath.

I found Trigonometry courses to use, but they would need some cleaning up and rearranging. The first course I found I thought would have enough, but after comparing to the other course I decided to change courses in MyOpenMath.

*You will see the course Trigonometry [CMAT 1223] which is the one I think we should use. There is also an old_Trigonometry [CMAT 1223] that is the old one that maybe if needed we could pull from (but I think this one has everything the new one does).

My comments on the MyOpenMath course:

  1. The following Chapters/Sections in MyOpenMath can be used for the Pressbook Chapters, see below. (Note: I only looked at the name of the assignment compared to the section in Pressbook)

MyOpenMath to Pressbook
Chapter 1 to Chapter 2
Sections 1.5, 1.6 to Section 4.1
Sections 5.1-5.3 to Chapter 3
Sections 3.1-3.3 to Chapter 5
Chapter 2 to Chapter 4.2-4.3, 6, and 7
Section 3.4 to Section 8.1
Chapter 4 to Section 8.2
Section 5.4 to Chapter 9
Chapter 6 to Chapter 10

  1. I don’t think we need Chapter 0 in MyOpenMath. You can see some of the sections in Pressbook may not have a direct assignment to use. We could make new assignments if we wanted, but all of our sections in Pressbook do have a section of exercises already- so maybe renaming the ones above and bringing them into Pressbook might be enough.

3… Other things in each Chapter/Section:

*There are Textbook links for each Chapter and Objectives in each Section - both we can leave out of the export.

*Video Lessons I think we can bring into Moodle because they import in nicely.

*A lot of the Sections have Video and Practice Assignments - both of these could be brought in.

*Some sections have Activities that are linked out of MyOpenMath. I don’t think these get imported into Moodle nicely, but if we wanted them, we could try to find a way to bring them in.

*Some sections have Quizzes and some Chapters have Practice Tests. These could be brought into a separate Module if wanted.

I hope your semester is going well. I wanted to let you know that I’ve created assignments for Chapter 1, 2, and Section 3.1 in the Trigonometry [CMAT 1223] course. I made sure not to modify any existing assignments; the new ones are placed at the bottom.

Regarding the remaining chapters, it might be best to follow Jared’s mapping for consistency. However, we should keep in mind that radians are introduced in Chapter 6 and reciprocals in Chapter 8. We may need to adjust the assignment order to align with the course progression unless we decide otherwise.

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Hi cohort team -

Just sharing a status report:


  1. I exported the links for each section of the book, chapter summaries, and exercises for each section/chapter into Moodle. I left out the introductions from each chapter, front matter, and back matter from being put into the Moodle course.

  2. I think @bkunwor is still trying to figure out what can be done with the Answers to Selected Exercises and Homework (this is in the first Chapter). Otherwise, besides some discussion about front and back matter, now we can hopefully start to see the book as complete as it is, right now.

  3. I put all the Sections, Chapter Summary, and Exercises links in the correct Modules in Moodle.


  1. Thank you @bkunwor for making assignments for 1.1-1.3, 2.1-2.3, and 3.1. I used what I posted above to make assignments in MyOpenMath for many of the remaining Sections to match our book. Some sections have multiple assignments and some sections don’t have any. I didn’t make any assignment question edits to any assignments - they were copied as is from the course we borrowed.

  2. I did a successful import from MyOpenMath into Moodle, only bringing in the homework assignments for each section. They were all placed in the correct Module.

  3. I think we still have work to do on the assignments in MyOpenMath, so that we can share a MyOpenMath course that matches our Pressbook title. But for now, there are assignment titles made and they are linked in Moodle.
    Note: If we make new assignments in MyOpenMath, we can easily link them in Moodle before the end of the project.

Moodle Course

I know our Moodle course is not 100% ready for the review, but it should be completed by the end of the year. A few comments before the review period:

  1. I finished a Syllabus document to go in the course. I will put it in the course.
  2. All content Modules are 99% complete.
  3. We need to discuss some other things to edit in select Modules (i.e. the Welcome and Getting Started Modules).
  4. I didn’t do anything with the Midterm and Final Exam Modules.