Project Status updates: Trigonometry

The videos for Chapters 1 & 2 have been completed and embedded.
I was moving on to Chapter 3 of the book but noticed the order in press books was different than the book.
Not sure if that was intentional or a result of the transfer. That is something that will need to be discussed. While creating the videos, references are made to earlier information. The easiest thing would be to keep the book in the same order and let those who teach it change the order if they choose to.
Also, changing the order will mean we need to change the numbering of the examples, checkpoints, and caution boxes as well as other headers. All doable but extra work.

What are your thoughts.

Each section has an Algebra Refresher. What are your thoughts on moving it to the beginning of each section?

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That sounds good to me. Also, I am working on cleaning and editing equations in chapter 3.

I like that idea!

Is it too much to make a specific section in each chapter or even a new chapter for algebra refresher?

@jeusea @ddensmore I prefer to create a new chapter to differentiate the content on trigonometry and algebra.

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The “Algebra Refreshers” are just a few problems. Not really enough for a section before the trig. Not sure how difficult to create a new chapter.

It’s not hard to do Donna. I’ll take a look at doing that.

Working in Chapter 4. We are missing pages 178 - 182 from the PDF file. The material between Example 4.27 and Checkpoint 4.32, non inclusive.

@ddensmore - Bimal brought in all of online text: Trig Front Matter. Maybe what is online wasn’t all in the PDF version.

@bkunwor - Can you see if what donna is saying is missing is in the website version and maybe it wasn’t brought into pressbook? Here is the pdf version:

@jeusea @ddensmore I imported the section again and named as 'Trig Graphs of Trigonometric Functions 2nd Import", and it has all the pages. We can continue editing on the 2nd import and rename it later.

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Thank you for doing that Bimal!

We may also just need to copy what is missing into the first import that was done.