Recap from 4/24 Meeting

@ddensmore @bkunwor @Yi_Zhen @hkim

Thank you all for meeting with me and @emily.frank on 4/24 and discussing what has been done thus far for this project. As @bkunwor recapped, most of the math equations throughout the Pressbook has been fixed (but a few need to manually be done). @ddensmore added that she has created videos through Chapter 5 checkpoints and some suggested problems as well.

We assigned the following chapters for each member to work on editing:
Bimal – Chapter 1, 2, 3
Yi – Chapter 4 and 5
Heon – Chapter 6 and 7
Jared – Chapter 8
Donna - Finish Videos for all checkpoints and suggested problems

Here is a list of to-do’s that were discussed in the meeting:

  • Add Learning Objectives to the top of the sections.
  • Move Algebra refresher to the top
  • Add grid lines to the tables (if needed)
  • Use glossary function? – Choose the words we want to have in the glossary.
  • End of section problems? Keep them there to not mess with the numbering but make suggested problems.
  • Add H5P? Can add later.

As you edit, you might look at the website version of the text (Trig Front Matter) to see how it is supposed to look. Some of the editing may not make it look just like that, but the view of the text can at least give you an idea in case what was brought in was really messed up.

I set a soft deadline of May 22 for us to have what we can have completed from above. That week we will plan to check-in again and maybe assign additional tasks where needed.