Tasks assigned from 6/13 Meeting

In today’s meeting we reviewed the list of tasks that were outlined from the previous meeting.

The discussion/questions about editing was all recorded. We had to end the meeting early, so Elizabeth and Emily couldn’t join, but no one shared any technology issues that they were having at this time while working on edits.

We will not have a formal meeting next week, but Jared invited anyone to drop by at the time to check-in and ask questions. Next meeting is 6/27 at 8 am.

Pressbook editing asks to be completed by 6/27 meeting for the following chapters:

o Bimal – Chapter 1, 2, 3, 10, maybe 9?

o Yi – Chapter 4 and 5

o Heon – Chapter 6 and 7

o Jared – Chapter 8

o Donna – Just making videos

  1. Move things out of the sections into new Chapters:

• Chapter Review (already should be out)

• Section Exercises

• Chapter Review Problems

  1. Add Learning Objectives to the top of the sections – Pulled from Skills (toward bottom of section)

  2. Move Algebra refresher to the top (this is toward the bottom of the section); use correct colored box

  3. Consistency on colored textboxes

O Learning Objectives – Green (Learning Objectives in Textboxes)

O Formulas/Definitions – Orange (Key Takeaways in Textboxes)

O Examples – Purple (Examples in Textboxes)

O Cautions – Standard (Standard in Textboxes)

O Algebra Refresher, Concepts, and Study Questions need custom box color – use Html coding from Chapter 1

  1. Drop-down Solution for all Examples and Checkpoints

**Video notes: Donna is doing videos for each checkpoint. She is also picking suggested homework problems to work out in a single video to go on the Exercises pages. Then she is going to work on Chapter Summary and Review problems videos.