Recap 6/27 Meeting

In today’s meeting we reviewed the list of clean-up tasks that were to be done by this meeting. More work is still needed for some Chapters.

Additional tasks to be added:

  1. Make Heading 1 titles for the Table of Contents to pick-up.
  2. Add to Adaptations Page in Back Matter.
  3. Glossary
    • Make defined terms using the glossary function – put throughout the sections
    • Definitions can be used from what is already in the content or made from scratch.
    • Vocabulary parts (toward bottom of section) can have these defined terms as well
  4. Add H5P – these can be simple!

Donna is sending links to videos she is creating – add them to the content in your Chapter where they belong: algebra refresher, checkpoints, exercises, and chapter review.

If you want to add introduction and objectives to Moodle now, go ahead. Moodle discussion to come in July.

We will not have a formal meeting next week due to July 4th holiday.
Next meeting is 7/11 at 8 am.