Recap from 6/30 Meeting

Discussion recap from last meeting’s tasks:
• Applets have been put in where necessary.
• Keep links to Wolfram Alpha
• Bimal finished with the H5P activities for the end of the section.
• Videos were all put in Exercises textbox.
• Karen and Jared –
o Scanned pages for consistent textbox colors
o Need to continue to go through the OpenStax Review Exercise pages to remove problems that are not taught in this course.
o Re-number exercises
• Still adding Heading 1 titles for the Table of Contents to pick-up.
o Can add more objectives if needed.

This group appears to be at the point of doing a read over of the entire text, so that everyone can check over the headers and examples to make sure it is consistent.

Things to do:
• Add to Adaptations Page in Back Matter.
• Adding Vocabulary part to end of each section.
o Make defined terms using the glossary function and put throughout the sections
o Can use OpenStax definitions

If you want to add introduction and objectives to Moodle now, go ahead. Moodle discussion to come in July.

We will not have a formal meeting next week due to July 4th holiday.
Next meeting is 7/13 at 1 pm.

We will need to pick a new time for check-ins in July, due to TSP trainings on Friday at 10 am.