Recap from 6/27 Meeting

In today’s meeting the following was discussed:
o Everyone needs to check over the headers, exercises, and examples to be consistent.
o Chapter 8, Statistics to be started next – where will the content come from? OpenStax probably.

Additional tasks to be added:

  1. Make Heading 1 titles for the Table of Contents to pick-up.
  2. Add H5P – these can be simple!
    • Can use Exercises that are in the sections, maybe 1 or 2 would be an H5P.
  3. Continue with Glossary terms.
    • Make defined terms using the glossary function – put throughout the sections
    • Definitions can be used from what is already in the content or made from scratch.
  4. Videos can be added – either pasting link into Visual or YouTube embed code into Text editor.
    • For some reason, the video will vanish if you press Enter a few times on keyboard after the video.


  1. Adaptations Page in Back Matter – these are provided in the Rebus Forum

If you want to add introduction and objectives to Moodle now, go ahead. Moodle discussion to come in July.

This cohort group meets weekly to discuss things already, but Jared is going to check back in on 7/11 at 3 pm - due to July 4th holiday.