Recap 7/11 Meeting

The group is still in the process of making edits to get all the content in the resource and are also now going through to make additional clean-ups:
• Removing Key Takeaways from the bottom of sections
o Jared is going to make these into H5P Reviews
• Removing links to Google Sheets in Chapter 8
• Adding H5P and Solution dropdowns to Exercises

Talked briefly about the items currently in the Front and Back Matter.
I found out from LOUIS that the one requirement right now is the Adaptation page.

We discussed images being brought into the Media Library and filling in the Alt-Text, Caption, and Attributions.
• First importance is to make sure images are in the Media Library
• Will find out more information about file name, source URL, and attributions

@rbroussard3 @ashley.segalla @tspahn @kellis1

Hold off on doing any of the image alt-text, titles, captions, attributions (author, source URL, and license) until I can get some clarification from Emily tomorrow about things. Questions came up during my College Algebra session today - so I will get back to you all next week.

You can make sure all your images are in the Media Library and wasn’t copied in from the source. That is still important.