Recap from 4/24 Meeting

@ashley.segalla @rbroussard3 @kellis1 @tspahn

Thank you all for allowing me to join your regularly scheduled Monday meeting on 4/24. After sharing where your cohort is at in the project, it sounds like you all have divided the work and are moving forward at a good pace. And that code work @ashley.segalla is doing looks great!

We talked about creating H5Ps and linking videos into the text, plus I shared the glossary function with you in the meeting (if that is something you all wanted to implement into the Pressbook).

If there is anything I can assist with (adding videos, H5P, glossary terms, etc.) please let me know.

Hi @jeusea,
Both @rbroussard3 and @ashley.segalla are responsible for the wonderful coding. I think you only saw the chapters @ashley.segalla coded, but @rbroussard3 has coded several chapters as well. They are our heroes!