Chapter 5 Notes

@rbroussard3 @kellis1 @tspahn
I finished sections 1-3. The coding wasn’t difficult here (just a couple of new symbols), but copying it from OpenStax was a pain. The formatting was messed up with the original copying that I did the other day, so I deleted those sections and copied these little by little. I’m going to take a break from looking at it then go back and edit, but if anyone wants to look at it before then, feel free!

Renae, FYI for the other two sections, I took out all “Who Knew?” sections as well as any about mathematicians and career possibilities because it’s not in the other chapters. I also did not include the photo at the beginning, the exercises, or “Check your Understanding” at the bottom.
Examples were Examples, Your Turn became Exercises, and any time there was a Checkpoint, I just made it regular text instead of putting it in a box. The only thing I put in a box was a formula in one of the sections. We can go back and change any of this if anyone has a better way to format it.