Chapter 5 Notes

@rbroussard3 @kellis1 @tspahn
I finished sections 1-3. The coding wasn’t difficult here (just a couple of new symbols), but copying it from OpenStax was a pain. The formatting was messed up with the original copying that I did the other day, so I deleted those sections and copied these little by little. I’m going to take a break from looking at it then go back and edit, but if anyone wants to look at it before then, feel free!

Renae, FYI for the other two sections, I took out all “Who Knew?” sections as well as any about mathematicians and career possibilities because it’s not in the other chapters. I also did not include the photo at the beginning, the exercises, or “Check your Understanding” at the bottom.
Examples were Examples, Your Turn became Exercises, and any time there was a Checkpoint, I just made it regular text instead of putting it in a box. The only thing I put in a box was a formula in one of the sections. We can go back and change any of this if anyone has a better way to format it.

@ashley.segalla @rbroussard3 @tspahn I made some edits in Chapter 5…some continutity issues, spelling, corrections to some set members in examples and exercises, etc. There are two things I can’t figure out. In Section 5.5, Example 4 and Exercise 4, there is some Latex coding that is showing up in the live web page. I copied the coding and placed it in our sandbox book and it showed up correctly on the live page. I don’t know how to correct it in the Finite Book, though. The coding is regarding Demorgan’s law. Can @ashley.segalla or @rbroussard3 look into correcting this?

@kellis1 I fixed it! I just retyped it, and it worked. That would happen sometimes when coding things. today they show up fine, then tomorrow they don’t. Retyping it and deleting the old text seems to work most of the time.