Chapter 2 Notes

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Beginning to set up chapter 2 section 1.
Cut and pasted the first section into Pressbooks from the word documents provided by the author.
This is what I have done:
Wrote learning objectives

I think that the two examples should be deleted or moved to later in the chapter because it seems odd to me to present a difficult problem before even defining a topic.

Should we use the provided textboxes from dropdown menus for examples, key concepts, learning objectives, etc?

Should we split this section into two parts, one for 2x2 systems and one for 3x3 systems. This section seems dense in information.

Do we want answers to exercises to follow the question or show up at the end of the section? Or somehow be interactive with a “click here” for the answer?

In some examples, particularly the later ones, Lippmann skips several steps in the solving of equations. Do we want to go back and include more steps?

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I finished editing the LaTex part of the Section 2.4. I’m going to walk away from it for a little bit, then go back and double check things. If anyone checks it before I do and sees big mistakes that I need to fix, please let me know!

One problem that I’m finding when coding some of the longer equations is that the line goes out of the box. It happened some in Section 1.5 and in Section 2.4. Is there a way to make the font smaller, or is there another way to deal with the problem?

I’m just seeing this post, Renae, so I’m going to answer the questions we didn’t talk about last night:
I see what you’re saying about the examples at the beginning. I think the purpose is to show “This is what kinds of problems you can solve with this topic,” but it bothers me that the problem is never actually worked out in the section. I think we should consider either removing the intro problems completely, or find a place to show the solutions. If we choose to keep them, in Section 2.4, I’d like to change the word problem at the beginning that talks about Nancy’s bonds to something related to Louisiana. I’m completely drawing a blank on what it should be, so I’ll keep thinking about it, but if anyone has any ideas, let me know.

For the answers to the exercises, I’ve been including them in the “Exercises” box, but I’m not opposed to a “click here” option or moving them to the end. If we keep them in the box, I’ve been putting “Solution: ___”

I think it’s ok to have steps skipped, as long as you can still follow what is happening in the problem.