Chapter 8 Notes

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I started copying Chapter 8 from 8.1 Gathering and Organizing Data - Contemporary Mathematics | OpenStax
Renae, if I take the first four sections, can you do Sections 5-8?
I know it’s kind of late for this, but as I edit, I’m going to add suggestions in this thread on places we can add H5P. We don’t have to add them everywhere I suggest, but I think it’s worth noting the easier problems to incorporate them.

Exercise 1 would be a good place for multiple choice or drag and drop (matching if possible?)

Exercise 3 is a good place for H5P in Section 8.2.

In 8.3, there are several exercises where the answer is a single number. A few of those can become H5P exercises.

In 8.4, any of the exercises can be H5P. The video that was in the original book for finding standard deviation in Google Sheets is no longer available. I will look for a replacement video later, unless anyone has one that they like and want to put there.

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I copied 8.5 over into our book using the guidelines that Ashley gave for chapter 3. There was almost no LaTex programming, so I was able to do it, except in the 1st paragraph it won’t let me convert the variable “n” to LaTex format. Go figure the simplest thing!

In the OpenStax text, the solutions to the Examples are coded with H5P and the answers the Exercises are just given. The opposite of what we are doing. I pulled the answers to the Exercises from the back of the book and put them with the Exercises, but I did not do any H5P coding.

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Do you want 8.6, 8.7, and 8.8 in our book? Take a look at them and let me know. If so, I will continue to at least copy and paste them into our book. We do not teach Statistics in our Finite Math course, so I would not likely use them, especially not 8.8.

@ashley.segalla @kellis1 @rbroussard3 - I looked at the rest of Chapter 8 and we cover that content at my College, so I would like if that content was put in the resource.

statistics calculator

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Hey y’all! I’m looking at the statistics chapter to create the section using the statistics calculator, and I would like to talk about what exactly we want the stats calculator to be able to do in the book. In my class, we really only use the calculator to run one-variable statistics. We don’t create histograms or anything like that. If you get a chance before tomorrow’s meeting, will you look through Chapter 8 to get an idea of what we cover so we can figure out exactly what the statistics calculator section needs to cover during tomorrow’s meeting? I would like to get this section done as soon as possible so that it can be put in the Moodle site.

@ashley.segalla @rbroussard3 @tspahn I will take a look. At Delgado, we cover constructing histograms and stem and leaf plots. We also cover calculating the mean, median, and standard deviation of grouped data, calculating z-scores given mean and standard deviation, calculating the area under the normal distribution, calculating z-scores when given area or percentage under curve. We also cover box plots. Most of these calculations can be made with any calculator, but if the statistics calculator you’re going to use can do them quickly then that is all I would need it to do.