Chapter 6 Notes

I have spent much of the last two days on section 6.1. The Latex was very straight forward. That was not the problem. It was time consuming for me for other reasons:

  1. NONE of the probabilities got copied over, and some of the formulas and text also did not get copied over. There was verbiage missing throughout. I opened the Word Doc in a separate window, and kept going back and forth to make sure that I did not miss anything. NOTE: The table in example 14, sect 6.1, did not copy over. I did cut and paste it into our text, but Ashley or Renae should look at it. It likely needs improvement.

  2. I started out by coding all of the probability notation in Latex. I did not like the way it was looking, then realized that that was likely not the intention, so I changed it back.

  3. I looked back at previous sections from Ashley and Renae to make sure that I was being as consistent as possible. I coded the complement with an overline, because that is the way Lippmann did it, but that is not the way it’s done in chap 5, so I changed it to match using the “prime” notation. The only way that I could figure out how to do that complement notation was in Latex?? If there is an easier way, let me know.

Finding a way to make some of the formulas in 6.1 stand out, would be nice, but I do not know how to do that.
I think that we will have to do some coordination between chapters 5 and 6, because we got them from different books. For example, in 6.1 he does not mention unions and intersections, although he gives the probability formulas for “ANDs” and “ORs”. It seems like that would be a natural connection to make, after a chapter on sets and Venn diagrams. I will be curious to know your thoughts. Maybe that should be on the list for later?

The rest of Ch 6 should go much faster now that I have gotten through 6.1. Please let me know if I have made any glaring mistakes or missed anything big in 6.1. In the meantime, I will continue to work on the other sections of ch 6.

I just went to continue to work on the LaTex programming for 6.2-6.4, and I see that it has already been done it. Thank you @ashley.segalla ! It looks great. Also, the table that you programmed in 8.2, example 3, is the same table that’s in section 8.1, example 14, so I just cut and pasted your array code. It worked fine.