Recap 6/6/23 Meeting

In today’s meeting we briefly discussed the following of what has been completed already and what is next to-do:
• Chapters 1 through 4: 95% done in Pressbook.
• Right now, working on Chapter 5 – Sets (OpenStax), but all the information is inputted there.
• Chapter 6 – Probability (Lippman), Ch. 7 - Logic, and Ch. 8 - Statistics are left to go in the book.
o The group knows where the content is coming from, just need to bring it into Pressbook.
• Will proofread and edit the book more after all content is brought in.
• Introductions for each Part (we call these Chapters but using Pressbook verbiage) were created. Leave these at the beginning of each Part!
o To be used for Moodle course.

Here are general tasks that are being worked on by each member:

o Ashley – Pressbook editing
o Renae – Pressbook editing
o Kiel – working on MyOpenMath, Pressbook proofing
o Toni – Pressbook editing/proofing