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Topic: My Meeting
Time: Mar 6, 2023 04:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

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Summary: We talked about chapter One needing more information about linear equations and inequalities, as well as graphing methods. We discussed formatting options between Word and Pressbooks - and that it seems like Pressbooks is the way to start. We imported chapter 1 from the word file we had been working on (and I think it worked). We agreed to look for resources concerning the additional information we want to include and that we would be prepared to edit sections 1.1, 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6 next week.
Also, we need to be thinking of objective for each section.
I didn’t mention it - but, other cohorts are embedding videos directly into their Pressbook textbook, but I almost feel as if that would be something that would go into the moodle shell.

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Here is the recording link for the meeting:
meeting recoding

When I log into Pressbooks, I don’t see any content in the Finite Book. Where was the Chapter 1 content uploaded to? Was it uploaded to the OER Cohorts Sandbox book?

They sent an email last Thursday that invited us to edit the book. If you haven’t clicked that link to add the book to your Pressbooks, try that. Once it’s added, if you click on Read Book, then Contents you should see where there are three chapters uploaded. The first Chapter 1 has nothing in it, then there’s Chapter 5, then Chapter 1 that we uploaded yesterday.

Are we making suggestions in Pressbooks or the Word document for next week?

I like the introduction to linear functions, in chapter 2 - I’m thinking 2.2 possibly 2.3?

Openstax precalculus

Now that I have gone through the word document - I think that it might be better in the future to walk through the .pdf version with all of the formatting intact. Especially if we are going to format/edit mostly in Pressbooks.