Finite Discussion Meetin 4-17-23

The Finite cohort met today to discuss the edits to the content in Chapters 1 and 2 in our Pressbooks title. We have devised a plan to divide the workload, where some cohort members will preview the content in the original OER source to determine what is needed, not needed, or requires changes for our book. Others will edit the content in Pressbooks, inserting LaTex code where necessary, and we will all spend time proofreading for errors and content. To foster consistency between sections, we have added appropriate formatting for learning objectives, examples, exercises, and key takeaways. There should be only minor revisions necessary for most of Chapter 1. We are currently editing and proofing content in our Chapter 2. I believe @ashley.segalla @tspahn @rbroussard3 and I are moving along nicely.