Recap from 4/25 Meeting

@James.Boffenmyer @bkunwor @karen.perilloux

Thank you all for meeting with me and @emily.frank on 4/25 and sharing what has already been done with the project. It sounds like after @bkunwor brought in the book from the online site, a lot of the work is easy clean-up from here on out. During the meeting the website version of the book didn’t load, but I was able to get into it after and this morning. Here it is: Business Calculus

As you clean up, it may be helpful as @karen.perilloux stated to have that open to see what it is supposed to look like and how you can edit the Pressbook.

Here is a list of to-do’s that were discussed in the meeting:
• Add Learning Objectives to the top of the sections.
• Add more H5P
• May need to manually download and replace some videos
• Replace images so they don’t link to the original website book
• Use glossary function – Choose the words we want to have in the glossary.
• Edit the permalink in each section

We decided to have the work divided as follows:
Bimal – Chapter 1
James – Chapter 2 (mostly doe already)
Karen – Chapter 3

If there is anything I can assist with (adding more videos, adding more examples - maybe from the OpenStax book?, making glossary terms, making H5P, etc.) please let me know.

I set a soft deadline of May 22 for us to have what we can have completed from above. That week we will plan to check-in again and maybe assign additional tasks where needed.


I already cleaned up section 2.3 (the whole section.) I have begun applying the formatting and ended around example 9. The text on example 5 is too wide, and I’m not sure how to fix it.

@jeusea @James.Boffenmyer @karen.perilloux Chapter 1 consists of 8 sections. I am currently working on sections 1.1 and 1.2. While I can fix LaTeX equations throughout the chapter, I would need and appreciate :slight_smile: some assistance in adding learning objectives, H5P content, and other formatting options. Once I finish working on sections 1.1 and 1.2, I will continue with sections 1.3 and 1.4. If you have the time, please assist me with Chapter 1.

Hi Karen,

I broke the equations in two lines and seems like its inside the box now :blush:

Hi Bimal,
I agree with you, I am currently working on cleaning up the Latex and videos, and I am waiting to add the learning objectives and H5P. I will try to finish Unit 3 by early next week and then hope to take a look at Unit 1 by the end of next week.