6/9/2023 Meeting Recap

In today’s meeting we discussed the following of what has been done since last meeting:

  1. All sections have been imported from online text

  2. Introductions for each Part (we call these Chapters but using Pressbook verbiage) were created – pulled from the OpenStax text. Leave these at the beginning of each Part!
    • To be used for Moodle course.
    • The referenced problem was added to a section in the text (Chapter Opener Problem).

a. Applications of Derivative – Related Rates problem from OpenStax uses Trig. Created a new Opener with a business type problem (OpenStax Optimization has a Revenue problem)

b. The Integral – The Net Change Theorem; put with Section 4.6 with Average Value only.

  1. Applied Calculus Introduction in Front Matter – from Business Calculus text

  2. Created new (re-numbered) Parts to be used in Moodle course

  3. Clean-up nearly completed for all sections

  4. Anything else to use the OpenStax sections for? Before we delete them.

These are needs to continue to clean-up and add to our Pressbook:

  1. Add H5P to the end of sections.

  2. Chapter review exercises? Vet through the OpenStax exercises to remove Trig and “higher-level” problems not taught

  3. Videos in colored/shaded boxes? Exercises textbox.

  4. Glossary: Make defined terms using the glossary function – put throughout the sections

Before next meeting. Work on the above tasks for the following Chapters:

o Bimal – H5P

o James – View entire textbook for proofing and clean-up

o Karen – Ch 3 and 4 Review Exercises

o Jared – Ch 1 and 2 Review Exercises