Recap 6/16 Meeting

In today’s meeting we reviewed the list of tasks that were outlined from the previous meeting.

A few minor discussion topics:
• Any applets that needed to be replaced; Bimal replaced them from the GitHub site that David Lippman provided. Some links that looked to be applets are just links to Wolfram Alpha. Choosing to delete are keep these links?
• Section 3.5: Other Applications is missing Tangent Line Approximation on the web version of the text. Bimal will reach out to David Lippman for the video that goes there. He will fix the other video link in that section.

We will not have a formal meeting next week, because of the TSP session at 10 am. Next meeting is 6/30 at 10 am.

Pressbook editing asks to be completed by 6/30 meeting:

Bimal – Finish with as many H5P activities for the end of the section. Report how many left to do at the next meeting.

Karen and Jared –

  1. Scan pages for consistent textbox colors
  2. Put videos in colored/shaded boxes — Exercises textbox.
  3. Vet through the OpenStax Review Exercise pages to remove Trig and “higher-level” problems that are not taught in this course.
    • Re-number exercises but don’t do anymore until we work more on MyOpenMath course.
  4. Make Heading 1 titles for the Table of Contents to pick-up.

o Jared – Ch 1 and 2
o Karen – Ch 3 and 4

@James.Boffenmyer - Please reach out to me so we can talk about your tasks.