Front and Back Matter Discussion 9/15

Hey Applied Calc cohort -

After the meeting today (9/15), here’s the efforts that are needed for the front and back matter for your Pressbook:

Front Matter:

  1. I hid the Preface and Introductions. I’ll look at the Preface to see if any of it is still good - since we did take the Exercises and some content from OpenStax.
  2. We will keep the Applied Calc Introduction as is, because that came from the text we are using.

Back Matter:

  1. Create or remove the Appendix - if keeping this, what will go here?
  2. @bkunwor said he will go through the Integrals and Derivatives parts to remove the Trig and “non-Applied” information.
  3. We will remove the Pre-Calc review.
  4. Make sure all of your sections have terms that are going into the Glossary.

I’ll take care of continuing to edit and cleaning up the Summary of Adaptations in the Back Matter.

I will go back to my sections and make sure that any vocabulary words are formatted correctly so that they will go to the glossary.
I have my personal list of things I have done for the summary of adaptations. I will not copy mine in yet because I think they will mostly be covered by a blanket statement.
If there is anything else I can contribute please let me know.

The tables for formulas and reviews contain a significant amount of trigonometric content, while anything non-trig related can be found in the H5P content within each section. Therefore, I recommend removing these tables from the back matter. Also, I imported word documents for Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, where images and formulas/equations were not copied in the correct format. This requires some adjustments. I’m also in the process of dividing the Chapter 2 problems into two separate chapters to better align with the current pressbook structure. Just sharing!! let me know your thoughts if I need to change anything.