Front and Back Matter Discussion 9/15

Hey Stats cohort -

After the meeting today (9/15), here’s the efforts that are needed for the front and back matter for your Pressbook:

Front Matter:

  1. The Introduction, For Instructors, and Attribution might all just be deleted so we can start over with our own Introduction. I’ll read through them to see if anything looks like it is good to keep.
  2. The Chapter 0 Wrap-Up will definitely not be kept.

Back Matter:

  1. We decided to keep the Review Exercises and Practice Tests parts.
  2. We will have to look through the Data Sets, Solutions Sheets, Math Phrases (etc.), Notes for Calculators, and Tables to see if any of it is still good to keep there - or will we move it into the sections in the book.
  3. Make sure all of your sections have terms that are going into the Glossary.

I’ll take care of continuing to edit and cleaning up the Summary of Adaptations in the Back Matter.