Recap from 7/10 Meeting

Recap from June Meetings and editing requirements:
o Learning Objectives in Sections (to help with Moodle course)
o Make Heading 1 titles for the Table of Contents to pick-up.
o Consistency on colored textboxes
o Drop-down Solution for all Examples and Try-Its
o Glossary Terms
• Make defined terms using the glossary function.
• Remove the Glossary at the end of each section if it is there
o Bring in videos, H5P, or any other content from Significant Statistics
• Embed other videos (YouTube, Khan Academy – open source) and create your own H5P
o Move things out of the sections into new Chapters:
• Formula Review and Chapter Review
• Practice
• Homework
o Add to Adaptations Page in Back Matter.

Timeline to finish these? I would really like to have this list done 95-100% by the next time we meet on 7/17.

Earlier in the project, all cohorts voted on the following list of items to go in the Front and Back Matter of the text. See below. We discussed if anyone was still adamant about any of these items.

Front Matter
• How to use the book (for students or instructors)
• Acknowledgements
• Introduction
• List of tables, illustrations, abbreviations, etc.
• Copyright page

Back Matter
o Glossary
o Index
o Ancillary Learning Materials (eg: exercise solutions)
o References
o Bibliography
o Appendix
o About the Contributors
o Licensing and Attribution Information
o Review statement
o Accessibility Assessment
o Version History

I found out from LOUIS that the one requirement right now is the Adaptation page.

Other discussion:
• No one had any opinion about the Front Matter items – could we use some of what was brought over from Significant Statistics?
We are keeping the Glossary and Adaptations in the Back Matter – these were created by us.
• We decided initially to take what was in the Back Matter for certain content and move it into the Chapters where it is relevant.
o Note this in Adaptation page!