Recap from 6/5/2023

In today’s meeting we discussed the following of what has been done since last meeting:

  1. Imported in entire Significant Statistics book to have pieces used where needed. We might want to bring in videos, H5P, and/or other examples (if any)

  2. Introductions for each Part (we call these Chapters but using Pressbook verbiage) were created. Leave these at the beginning of each Part!
    • To be used for Moodle course.
    • Will delete Chapter Objectives from Introductions.

  3. Projects were moved to a single part
    • Will add Chapter # to title

These are needs to continue to clean-up our Pressbook:

  1. Consistency on colored textboxes
    o Learning Objectives - Green (Learning Objectives in Textboxes)
    o Examples – Orange (Key Takeaways in Textboxes)
    o Try-Its – Purple (Examples in Textboxes)
    o Collaborative Exercises - Blue (Exercises in Textboxes)
    o Notes (some in Intro, some in text) - Blue (Exercises in Textboxes)
    o Calculator Notes – Blue (Exercises in Textboxes)

  2. Move things out of the sections into new Chapters:
    • Formula Review and Chapter Review
    • Homework

  3. Glossary
    • Make defined terms using the glossary function
    • Remove the Glossary at the end of each section if it is there

  4. Bring in videos, H5P, or any other content from Significant Statistics

Before next meeting. Work on the above tasks for the following Chapters:

o Stephen A – Chapter 1, 2, and Regression
o Stephen P – Chapter 3 and 4
o Okwan – Continuous and Chi-Square Distribution
o Jared – Normal and CLT (merge to one);
o Rachid – Confidence, Hypothesis Testing 1 sample and 2 sample