Recap from 4/25 Meeting

@rbelmasrour @stephan.patterson @stephen.andrus

Thank you all for meeting with me and @emily.frank on 4/25. I am pleased that we were able to discuss what we would like to do for the project moving forward and assign roles to get that completed.

We assigned the following chapters for each member:

  • Rachid – Chapters 8, 9, 10 on Confidence Intervals & Hypothesis Testing
  • Stephan P. – Chapters 3 & 4 on Probability & Discrete Distributions.
  • Jared – Chapters 6 & 7 on Normal Distribution and Central Limit Theorem (combine into one chapter)
  • Stephen A. – Chapter 1, 2, and 12 on Key Terms, Descriptive Statistics, and Regression/Correlation

Remember what is in the Pressbook shell now is the OpenStax Statistics book (OpenStax) that was cloned. The hope is to keep most of that content, but also pull in the Significant Statistics – Simple Book Publishing text.

Here’s how to do that (thanks @stephan.patterson for sharing this):

  1. From the main page of our Intro Statistics book, select “Import” on the left or “Import Content” on the right.
  2. Import Type change from “epub” to “Web page or Pressbooks webbook.”
  3. Toggle to “Import from URL” and enter Significant Statistics – Simple Book Publishing.

After a moment of processing, you’ll be given the option to choose which parts/chapters to import. By default, the section you’re importing seems to go to the end of the first chapter, which you can then move wherever.

I like that the Significant Statistics book has the Learning Objectives in it already, it is very clean, and has H5P. Just a suggestion to bring in the chapter you are working on, then using the OpenStax content in Pressbook, copy over anything else you want (more of the exercises that are there, glossary terms, etc.).

Also, @rbelmasrour provided the following Pressbook: that has videos in it for each section. The same Import Web Page can be used to bring in those videos. This book also has an approach on using Excel - not sure if this was something else we wanted to add in?

Here is a list of to-do’s that were discussed in the meeting:

  • Will need to change numbers for sections in the title of each (this is automatically done if you bring in the Web Page from the Significant Statistics text).
  • Keep Chapter Objectives - in the Introduction
  • Learning objectives at top of each section (in the Significant Statistics book)
  • Incorporate videos (from ecampusontario Pressbook)
  • Add H5P from Significant Stats text.
  • Make sure there are good examples and Try-Its
  • Glossary additions using Pressbook function
  • Take the Chapter Review, Homework, Projects, and Practice Problems from the OpenStax content and make new sections out of them.

I set a soft deadline of May 22 for us to have what we can have completed from above. That week we will plan to check-in again and maybe assign additional tasks where needed.