Chapter Planning

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So here’s the current editing plan:

Rachid - Chapters 8, 9, 10 on Confidence Intervals & Hypothesis Testing

Stephan - Chapters 3 & 4 on Probability & Discrete Distributions. I am adding learning objectives to each section as I go. I will also go ahead and collect the project sections together the next time I edit.

Jared - A couple of possible tasks for you:

  1. I think you mentioned before that you have some videos that we could possibly incorporate. Do you want to add some of those?

  2. Can you look at Chapters 6 & 7? I’m pretty sure that the Significant Statistics book combines these two into one chapter, and Rachid & I agreed that we like that.

Here are also the quick links for importing sections from Significant Statistics:

  1. From the main page of our Intro Statistics book, select “Import” on the left or “Import Content” on the right.
  2. Import Type change from “epub” to “Web page or Pressbooks webbook.”
  3. Toggle to “Import from URL” and enter Significant Statistics – Simple Book Publishing.

After a moment of processing, you’ll be given the option to choose which parts/chapters to import. The H5P will import too! You should see the activities in your H5P Content section, and they’ll automatically be embedded in the book in the same location they were in the original.

By default, the section you’re importing seems to go to the end of the first chapter, which you can then move wherever.

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Thank you @stephan.patterson and @rbelmasrour.

I forgot that @stephen.andrus wasn’t on the call today and should be given something to do. I will meet with him and talk about the tasks.

@stephan.patterson - remind me again what section(s) of the book it is that you already merged Significant Statistics into the book we have in Pressbook?

I only imported the single section, the introduction to discrete variables, that I was editing.

Going forward, we certainly can important more than one at a time, but I hesitate to do more than a chapter or so at once. I think it could get confusing since we’re essentially creating duplicate/overlapping sections.

Okay, I guess I am wondering why Chapters 1 and 2 weren’t assigned? I can get with @stephen.andrus to work on those then.

Certainly, Stephen is welcome to work on them. Mostly they weren’t assigned just to keep our initial workloads reasonable as we learn the editing; I also think those two chapters will have fewer latex formulas than the later chapters. But they will still be really heavy on the glossary references.