Possible resource change?

Hey Stats cohort!

I just wanted to reach out and see if there would be a consensus to maybe switching starting resources. Before you panic, hear me out on this.

So we started with having this pressbook cloned: https://pressbooks-dev.oer.hawaii.edu/introductorystatistics/

LOUIS found this resource: https://pressbooks.lib.vt.edu/introstatistics/

The content looks very comparable, even split up a little better, and there are already H5P activities.

I could have Elizabeth clone this text and see if there is a batch fix needed for formulas that she did for the previously cloned text we adapted.


Good afternoon,

I am fine with the new resource. I can start working on confidence and hypothesis testing chapters.

Thank you.,

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@stephan.patterson @stephen.andrus @tmarinov
What do you all think of the new resource? I can have LOUIS clone it and put it in our shell.

Hey all - @rbelmasrour @stephan.patterson @stephen.andrus

So we are going to stick with what was originally brought into Pressbooks as our main source of content. There was a lot of work done to it to get it looking like that (formulas, tables, solutions, etc.).

I am waiting to hear back from Emily Frank at LOUIS on how we can import in some of the Significant Stats ( https://pressbooks.lib.vt.edu/introstatistics/ ) content if we wanted to use part of it. I like the H5P activities that are in there. I’ll keep you all posted.

In the mean time, we need to have more discussion on the rearrangement of the resource we have currently. Ideas were mentioned in the the last meeting:

  1. Move Linear Regression up to earlier in the text - but put the hypothesis testing in that section
  2. Move the project sections to make their own chapter

I don’t want to start moving stuff or working on do these changes without everyone getting a chance to chime in. So, please look at what is in the pressbook shell currently and make comments on how you would like the content rearranged. Once we get things rearranged to our liking, then we can split up the work to hone in on individual wants.

Also forgot to mention that the entire Significant Stats resource cannot be cloned, so bringing in only parts of it is the only option.

I really like what they’ve done with it in their Significant Stats remix. At least half of what we discussed in the last meeting is in there: projects moved to the end, learning objectives, plus the H5P activities. I like the normal distribution being a section in continuous random variables, and cutting out exponential distribution. They moved regression to more prominence it seems not by reordering but just by cutting some of those most advanced topics - exponential & chi-squared are gone.

I am going to experiment this week on bringing in the sections on discrete distributions. I’ll update you all more once I’ve tried it - I’m really hopeful this extra resource will save us a lot of work.

Can we schedule a meeting on Wednesday at 4pm.

I teach in the evening on Wednesday, so that’s a bit late for me. Do you have any time before 2:30?

I could alternatively meet Friday, any time after our cohort meeting.

We can meet on Friday.

Hey @rbelmasrour and @stephan.patterson - I’m not able to meet after our meeting tomorrow, but I trust anything you all will discuss. Just please share with the other member in the cohort (@stephen.andrus) and I on what was discussed.

I will have some information to share with everyone during our meeting tomorrow.