Tasks assigned after 6/12 Meeting

In today’s meeting we reviewed the list of tasks that were outlined from the previous meeting.

Elizabeth and Emily helped answer some of the formatting and editing questions that some of the cohort members had questions with. All this discussion was recorded.

We will not have a formal meeting next week, but Jared invited anyone to drop by at the time to check-in and ask questions. Next meeting is 6/26 at 1 pm.

Pressbook editing asks to be completed by 6/26 meeting for the following chapters:

O Stephen A – Chapter 1, 2, and Regression

O Stephen P – Chapter 3 and 4

O Phyllis Okwan – Continuous and Chi-Square Distribution

O Jared – Normal and CLT (merge to one), ANOVA

O Rachid – Confidence Interval, Hypothesis Testing 1 sample and 2 sample


  1. Consistency on colored textboxes throughout

O Learning Objectives - Green (Learning Objectives in Textboxes)

O Examples – Orange (Key Takeaways in Textboxes)

O Try-Its – Purple (Examples in Textboxes) — Make sure Try-It is labeled Your Turn!

O Collaborative Exercises - Blue (Exercises in Textboxes)

O Notes (some in Intro, some in text) - Blue (Exercises in Textboxes)

O Calculator Notes – Blue (Exercises in Textboxes)

  1. Drop-down Solution for all Examples and Try-Its

  2. Move things out of the sections into new Chapters:

• Formula Review and Chapter Review

• Practice

• Homework

For Jared:

  1. Will delete Chapter Objectives from Introductions.

  2. Will add Chapter # to title

  3. Begin cleaning up Glossary terms