Front and Back Matter Discussion 9/15

Hey Finite Math cohort -

After the meeting today (9/15), here’s the efforts that are needed for the front and back matter for your Pressbook:

Front Matter:

  1. Create an Introduction - not sure what you want to put here?

Back Matter:

  1. Create or remove the Appendix - if you keep this, what will go here?
  2. Make sure all terms are correct in the Glossary

I’ll take care of continuing to edit and cleaning up the Summary of Adaptations in the Back Matter.

Front matter:
This book is designed to be used in any Finite Mathematics course, whether College Algebra is a prerequisite or not. There are sections at the end of Chapters 2 and 4 that use technology to solve problems that are solved in other sections in the chapter. As the instructor of the course, you can choose how much technology you’d like to use. The problems worked in Sections 2.5 and 4.6 are the same Examples and Exercises from the other sections of that chapter that can be worked with technology. The technology used in those problems is embedded into the textbook, so there is no need to purchase any additional technology!

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I added the TVM Solver and Matrix Calculator to the Back Matter of the book. Long story short, when they were embedded into the chapters, the page would jump to each calculator to load and start the reader at the bottom of the page. After lots of Googling and talking to Elizabeth about the problem, I decided that the best solution was to move the calculators to their own sections where there is no other information and it’s not weird if the page isn’t starting at the top. So now, the reader has the choice to click the link and go to the website directly, or click the link to go to the Back Matter section. Because I can’t embed the calculators correctly, I don’t think there is any use in having the exercises in the TVM Solver/Matrix Calculator sections, so I took those out. I added anchors in the sections so you can jump from the section that doesn’t use the calculator to the calculator section and back.

Here’s where we need to make a decision- the statistics calculator in Chapter 8 works exactly like it’s supposed to. So, do we leave that section alone where each example has screenshots of how to plug into the calculator and exercises have the embedded calculator, or for consistency’s sake, do we move the calculator to the Back Matter? I’m leaning toward consistency, but I wanted to get y’all’s opinions before I made a decision.

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@ashley.segalla @rbroussard3 @tspahn @jeusea I added an “About the Authors” part after the Introduction in the book. I put a picture of myself and a short bio. I figure we can place our names and bios in alphabetical order in there.