Front and Back Matter Discussion 9/15

Hey College Algebra cohort -

After the meeting today (9/15), here’s the efforts that are needed for the front and back matter for your Pressbook:

Front Matter:

  1. Preface will be looked at by @gbradley - She’ll let us know once she does the initial clean-up incase we want to add more.

Back Matter:

  1. @pghimire said he will look through the Proofs, Identities, and Toolkit Functions section to do the initial clean-up.
  2. The Glossary will be removed since your group is putting terms at the end of each section.

I’ll take care of continuing to edit and cleaning up the Summary of Adaptations in the Back Matter.

I have made some edits to the Preface of our College Algebra textbook. I did leave in the information about how the text is organized but if you feel like it is too long, this information can be deleted as well.
@emily.frank would you please take a look at the Preface. I wanted to include some information about LOUIS and the goal of the project so I stole some information from the original kickoff slides. But, please feel free to add/ subtract information regarding the purpose and goal.

Thanks for preparing this, Ginny, and for tagging me in. I might make a couple of small edits but think this looks great. We will also prepare some general grant language and have all the cohort leaders add that to the books as a part of their next phase of work.

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I did some clean-up work to the Proofs, Identities, and Toolkit section in Back Matter.

The following items have been deleted:

  • Deleted Heron’s Formula, Properties of the dot product, Standard form of the Ellipse, Standard form of the Hyperbola, and their proofs.

  • Deleted Trigonometric Identities, the Unit Circle, and the table of the values of trigonometric functions.

The following items are available in the Proofs, Identities, and Toolkit section now:

  • Product rule for logarithm and proof.

  • Base change formula for logarithm and proof.

  • ToolKit Functions.

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The clean up on the back matter looks good. Do you think we need to change the section title to Proofs and Toolkit Functions since the section no longer contains identities?

Ginny, I think that’s a great idea. I just changed it.