MyOpenMath and Moodle Discussion

Finite Math Cohort -

This topic is being added to have discussion on editing the MyOpenMath and Moodle courses.

Hey Finite Math cohort -

I see the MyOpenMath course is coming along!

Most of the Sections just have homework assignments but some also have Videos. I’m not opposed to bringing the Videos into Moodle because they do get brought in nicely.

A few sections only have one assignment (example, Chapter 2) per each section. But other sections have what looks like assignments for each main topic, plus an overall section assignment (example, Chapter 1). Was this on purpose?

Remember the deadline is August 31 to have the MyOpenMath course completed so that it can be put into Moodle.

Hi cohort team -

Just sharing a status report:


  1. There are no extra parts/chapters in the pressbook not being used, so what you see is the book as complete as it is, right now.

  2. I exported the links for each section of the book into Moodle. I left out the introductions, front matter, and back matter from being put into Moodle.

  3. I put all the sections in the correct Modules in Moodle.


  1. I renamed the video pages and homework assignments to all be consistent.

  2. I did a successful import from MyOpenMath into Moodle, only bringing in the homework assignments and the Video pages for each Section. They were all placed in the correct Module.

  3. If anyone is planning to edit the homework assignments, you won’t need to do anything in Moodle - just MyOpenMath. I’m not sure if you edit the Video links page in MyOpenMath (i.e adding another video link) that it will copy over into Moodle, since it is a page. So you can put the link in the page in Moodle or ask me and I will do it.

Moodle Course

I know our Moodle course is not 100% ready for the review, but it should be completed by the end of the year. A few comments before the review period:

  1. I finished a Syllabus document to go in the course. I will put it in the course.

  2. All content Modules are 99% complete.

  3. We need to discuss some other things to edit in select Modules (i.e. the Welcome and Getting Started Modules).

  4. I didn’t do anything with the Midterm and Final Exam Modules.

Thanks, @jeusea !

@kellis1 @rbroussard3 @tspahn
I made an extra section in Chapter 4 for using TVM Solver applications. Right now it’s just called TVM Solver. Tuesday in our meeting, I’m hoping we can discuss the section and decide if the content needs to be dispersed in the current sections or stay its own section. We’ll keep you updated on that when we decide, Jared.

@ashley.segalla @rbroussard3 @tspahn @jeusea I started going through problems in MyOpenMath to double-check links. I’ve encountered some that don’t work, so I started checking in Chapter 1. Will continue that while we work on our front matter and back matter.