Post QM Review Moodle Course Edits

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Edits made in Moodle courses:

  1. Welcome! Module
  • Removed red text under Course Introduction.
  • Added the following statement before the Course Description and learning outcomes: “This Finite Mathematics [CMAT 1313] course adheres to the scope and sequence of a one-semester Finite Mathematics course. The course description provided is the from the statewide common course information.”
  • Added statement for adopting instructors: Adopting instructors can embed a welcome video or add additional text here.
  • Removed red text under Structure of the Course
  • Added the following text: “The course includes X content Modules which covers each of the X chapters in the textbook (provided link). Each module includes a brief introduction text with module learning objectives, links to the corresponding Pressbook sections, _____________________ (etc.) for that Module. There are additional modules for smaller Exams, a Midterm Exam, and/or Final Exam.”
  • Removed red text under Navigating the Course.
  • Removed “Each module includes the relevant chapters followed by various activities, which may include discussion forums, listening activities and quizzes, practice quizzes, module tests, and other relevant activities as appropriate for each module,” because it was repeating what was in the Structure of the Course text.
  • Added statement for adopting instructors: Adopting instructors can embed a navigation video or add additional text here.
  • Added statement for adopting instructors: Adopting instructors should edit the About Your Instructor and Office Hours Information pages in this Module.
  1. Learner Support Module
  • Added statement for adopting instructors: Adopting instructors should edit all pages in this Module - as per their own Institution’s policies.
  • Added MyOpenMath Accessibility Statement link in Accessibility Policies and Services
  • Added MyOpenMath Privacy Policy and YouTube privacy links in Data and Privacy
  • Put one copy of the original template Assignment and Discussion
  • Put copy of the Adding an Assessment or Additional Exam
  1. Content/Chapter Modules
  • Assignment link in each Chapter Module made to be used as work upload for Quizzes
  • Chapter Discussion Forum Q&A for each Chapter Module
  • Removed Chapter Test MyOpenMath Assignment links
  • Edited list of “to achieve these objectives.”
    **Added to complete the Quiz for the Chapter
    **Added to upload work for Quiz using the assignment link
    **Added to post in Chapter Q&A Discussion Forum
    **Removed “Take Test #”
  • All content modules now also have the statement: Note the check boxes to the right that help you track your progress: some are automatic, and some are manual.
  1. Exam Modules
  • All instructions in these Modules are the same.
  • All Modules have the Exam Information and Instructions page, with directions in the Module for adopting instructors to edit this page.
  • Assignment link in each made to be used as work upload.
  • Discussion Forum Q&A for Exam Modules added.
  • Edited Midterm or Exam 2 and Final Exam Modules and created an Exam 1 and Exam 2 or 3 Module.
    **Options for instructors who want to give Exam 1, Exam 2, then Final; or Exam 1, Exam 2, Exam 3, then Final; or Midterm and Final only.

Still To-Do:

  1. Edit Syllabus and re-upload
  • Edit Course Schedule with smaller Exams option
  • Put Assignment points and percentages – with Quizzes or with smaller Exams
  • Feedback policy
  • Interaction policy
  • Course Map with CLO, MLO, assessments, materials, and activities
  1. Decide if everything in the For Instructors Module is still needed!
  2. Add page for getting MyOpenMath course and editing

I will take care of the syllabus

We will look at number 2 and 3 in the meeting next week

We took a look at the For Instructors Module in our Tuesday meeting, and decided to take the stance of “it’s better to have more that they can delete than too little.” I don’t think anything needs to be taken out.

I also added a page for the MyOpenMath in Moodle, but there is nothing in there.

@jeusea You said one to-do item was to Edit Course Schedule with smaller Exams option. I added some smaller exam options to the course schedule on the syllabus. I added one exam to cover chapters 1 and 2, and another to cover chapters 5 and 6. I left chapters 3 and 4 to be covered on the midterm exam and chapters 7 and 8 to be covered on the final exam. Is this what you wanted? I also changed the assessment percentages to reflect the smaller exams. I made tests/exams worth 20% and put discussions with homework. I saved the updates, but I did not upload it to Moodle without you verifying that’s what you were talking about before I do anything else to the syllabus.

@jeusea I said all of that and then I saw that you said you would take care of the syllabus. I still don’t udnerstand how this platform works.