Starting to Edit: OpenStax Prerequisite

In order to get started and learn Pressbooks, I am going to start reviewing the Prerequisites chapter in Pressbook and clean up any items that may be needed (minus the ‘hidden answer’). I will wait until I hear back from LOUIS, then may start cleaning that up.
If the functionality is not easily fixed, then I would like to use the H5P to ‘show’ the answer / solution. This will still allow for some interaction.
I do like the idea of having embedded videos into Pressbook that is similar to the examples given in the text, but probably won’t approach this at this time for this Chapter. We can come back around if we have additional time to add these resources.

I’ll start reviewing Unit 2: Equations and inequalities. Basically, I’ll read through it looking for typos and check to see if all the links work. I won’t make any changes to the content until we make sure it fits our outline.

I agree with Ginny that I like the idea of embedded videos but we should wait until we are further into the project to pursue this.

Thanks Karen,
I do think our first order of business is to make sure that everything has copied over well. I was happy to hear that a ‘fix’ was found for the hidden answers issue.

Thank you for starting this conversion, Ginny. I agree with you both. We need to make sure that everything has been copied correctly. I will review chapter III- Functions.

In reviewing Unit 2, I found very few errors. I have fixed all of them except for a table on section 15. The latex codes did not all work. Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of Latex experience. I’m not sure if we are getting that training here since most of you probably know it, so I will watch some youtube videos and use the sandbox book to practice typing formulas.

After reviewing two sections, 15. Introduction to functions and 16. Functions and Function Notation, of Chapter III Functions, I found that many things need to be fixed in the Pressbook, such as the Chapter outline ( not copied), figure and table citations ( not working), equations alignment (not appropriate), Example/Try it/ Exercise numbers ( numbers are missing), etc.

I edited an expression alignment in section 16 Functions and Function Notation. It seems that my edit is working. Please see the alignment of { ( 1, 2), ( 2, 4),( 3,6), ( 4, 8), ( 5, 10)} after the first paragraph of the subsection Determining Whether a Relation Represents a Function.

I have not deleted the original alignment of { ( 1, 2), ( 2, 4),( 3,6), ( 4, 8), ( 5, 10)} .

I can see both of the versions and I think they both look good. Are you going with the centered or left aligned?

@Prakash Ghimire, I agree that it would be helpful to have a numbering system for Examples and Try Its. It is my understanding that this will have to be done manually once we have finished with all the content. @Emily Frank can let us know if I am incorrect in that assumption.

The Chapter outline isn’t copied, but would you please take a look at Chapter I, Prerequisites? I was able to add an additional layer which allows for better navigation. @Karen Perilloux and I spoke about also adding a numbering system to this as well. I think the numbering would be one of the last things we would like to do because it may change every time we make some adjustments.

I would appreciate it if you would review 1.1 Real Numbers section. This is my vision for the text. I have embeded a video (2-5 minutes) for most objectives. I also added an H5P to one of the objectives. As stated in the outline I posted I would like to do this with all sections – 1 embeded video per objective and 1 H5P per objective. There are already linked videos, but we may need to find some additional ones. I only did one section because it is the prerequisites and I think my time would be more valuable in the other chapters.

FYI, I also added a Summary of Adaptions to the end of the book matter. I have been keeping track of content edits and also of LaTex issues that I haven’t been able to solve. I thought this would be a good place to keep them until we could get with Elizabeth at BoR for her expertise.

@gbradley I just looked through section 1.1 and I like the multiple choice question you added. I assume that the video right before it is the one you added as well. I’m having a little trouble figuring out what is old and what is new, even when I go to “revisions.”
I agree that we should not spend too much time on the Prerequisites chapter until later in the project. The other chapters are the greater priority.

I’m still at a standstill trying to fix the table of inequalities from Section 14 Linear Inequalities and Absolute Value Inequalities. I am still trying to learn LaTex, but I think there might be a problem with the table the error codes are in. Even when I type a formula and save it, it doesn’t change in the preview.

Regarding the numbering of figures – you could do this as you go but the downside will be you would need to update the numbering if you decide to add more figures/remove some. Given that you all may make multiple edits to chapters, I think it makes sense to not invest a ton of time in numbering figures until you feel like they are more final.

@Karen Perilloux I wouldn’t spend any more time on that. I would just document it in the summary of adaptation so we can get a running list and seek assistance from Elizabeth at BoR.

I think our next step is to start dividing out the work. I’m not sure if it would be best to do by chapter or by task. By task I mean, someone find all the videos, someone else do the H5P, we would still probably need two people editing. I don’t know if we have a special coding expert, but that is something I usually enjoy doing. But the learning curve may be more than I can handle alone. What are your thoughts? Chapter/ Task?

@gbradley : I just went through the 1.1. I noticed that you embedded videos related to the last four objectives. I liked the idea of adding at least one video for each objective. I also saw that you added H5P content related to the second objective. It looks like we still need to fix some of the LATEX, FIGURE, and TABLE issues. I am not an expert on latex, but I can still fix these latex issues. Maybe, we need help with tables and figures from LOUIS/Pressbook. I tried to fix a latex issue with the expression { …-3,-2,-1, 0, 1, 2, 3, …} right after the 2nd paragraph in section 1.1. The first expression is my version, and the second is the original one.

I liked the way you used the Plan OER Structure Part 1C: Model Chapter model to edit/develop section 1.1. Maybe, we can now complete the Prerequisite Chapter by editing/adding other sections.

@gbradley and @karen.perilloux: In my opinion, it would be better if we first fully complete one chapter ( maybe the prerequisite chapter), and after that, each of us can work individually on one or two chapters.

@pghimire , I do like your editing of the { …-3,-2,-1, 0, 1, 2, 3, …} right after the 2nd paragraph in section 1.1. When I was reviewing the Prerequisite Chapter, I was doing a cursory glance and wasn’t concentrating on the details as you have mentioned. I have been keeping track of my LaTex issues in the Summary of Adaption. I can do some, but after spening over an hour trying to get the alignment correct in the ‘show solution’ decided my efforts would be better used in the more obvious issues. Based on Emily’s comments regarding Figures and Tables, I would prefer to just unlink them as they are not necessary. We just need to be careful in our labelling and numbering.
I’m good with trying to complete one chapter first, but I would suggest it be a content Chapter. Can we agree to start with Equations and Inequalities? I know @karen.perilloux has done a cursory glance, but now maybe we can add videos, H5P, and tackle some of the details such as figures… I would still wait until the end of the project to do the numbering. The Prerequisite chapter can be revisited and cleaned up after the majority of the other work is done.
How about we each take 1 section?
I have already started making some edits to Linear Equations in One Variable, so I can complete that section. @csingleton , please reply to let the team know which section you will be working on.

That’s a good plan, Ginny. Let’s work on one section each.

@karen.perilloux, @csingleton, @karen.perilloux: I will take the Complex Number section.

I will do 11. Quadratic Equations

I will work on the Chapter with Exponential and Logarithmic Functions. I will use Ginny’s Table of Content and Model the Chapter/Section layout so that ALL Chapters are parallel.

I’ll continue on 9. Models and Applications.

@karen.perilloux @gbradley @csingleton @pghimire - Thank you all for your work in the editing of the resource!

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to assist with the editing.

@csingleton , there were several exponential and log content items that appeared in the prerequisite chapter. I moved them all to the exponential and log chapter so you could edit them in that chapter. Looks like you may have been just learning the system, but wanted to clean up the prerequisite chapter since it had already been reviewed.