Plan OER Structure Part 1C: Model Chapter

College Algebra cohort -

Let’s plan the detailed structure of a sample chapter that will guide us in our content creation.

For mathematical content, I think we need not only a model chapter, but a model section as well.

  • Chapter Title
    • Chapter outline
    • Chapter Introduction
    • Focus Question (Here or in Section)
  • Section 1.1
    • Learning goals
    • Focus Question (Here or under Chapter)
      • Mathematical content to include as needed:
        • emphasis on words that are to be defined
        • list of main points
        • summary tables
        • study & review questions
        • tips
        • reminders
        • reference boxes (moved from Chapter Closures)
    • Summary (Summary Table)
    • List of Definitions (Here or in Conclusion)
    • Section Study & Review Questions
    • Self- Assessment
  • Section 1.2…………
  • Section 1.3………
  • Conclusion
  • List of Definitions (if not included in Sections)
  • Chapter Review Questions
  • Chapter Exercises and /or substantial exercises


I’m not sure what a “Focus Question” is. The Plan Structure document states knowledge or comprehension questions. I would tend to think that we could use this as more of skills you should already know, perhaps a warm-up? If this is a true focus question, then I think it would be difficult to have one for each section. If this is a general question that students would be able to answer upon completion of the chapter, then it should be placed at the beginning of the chapter under the introduction.

Knowledge boxes per the Plan Structure document is a reference to computer instructions and place at the end. I have place knowledge boxes within the Section content because I think this is where calculator or technology information should be placed.

I agree that we need a model section. I think that is the intent of this exercise - to develop the framework of each section. A model chapter would just be a brief 1-2 page introduction to the upcoming sections, and then an additional conclusion at the end, which could be derived from a summary of the individual sections. Maybe the focus question (which I assume is an application) would work better for the chapter instead of the individual sections.

Thank you, Ginny, for the post and Karn for the input. I agree with you that we need a model section as well. Maybe, we can include the focus question in each section.

Ginny, I concur, we need a model section and chapter. Focus questions and knowledge boxes are work in progress. Thank you, Ginny.

Karen and Prakash, thank you for your response.

Hey Everyone,
After our meeting this morning I revisited out model Chapter/ Section with what we already have in the cloned OpenStax Pressbook. There are some minor changes to the model, but I think it works well. This is what we currently have in Pressbooks with what I would like to add in bold

  • Chapter Title
    • Chapter Introduction
      • Section 1
        • Learning Goals
        • Introduction
        • Content
        • Example
        • Try It
        • Embed Video (2-5 minute) 1 per objective
        • Insert H5P media (1 per objective)
          (Repeat for all objectives)
        • Key Concepts
        • Section Exercises
        • Glossary
      • Section 2
    • Chapter Review Exercises
    • Chapter Practice Test

I think this aligns with our proposal. I would like to embed a short video example for each objective followed by an interactive H5P question. The one item that is omitted is a focus question, but each section does have an introduction which either states background information or proposes a question to think about regarding the material.
Please let me know your thoughts as I am working on a model for you to view.

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@gbradley - Let me know if I can help find videos (you know we both like mathispower4u) and/or make H5P activities.