Plan OER Structure Part 1C: Model Chapter

Trig cohort -

Let’s plan the detailed structure of a sample chapter that will guide us in our content creation.

My model chapter:
Chapter openers are good but don’t include a problem. I don’t know of anyone who actually uses those. If it is already in the book we choose then great.
List of Learning outcomes for that chapter.
Each section opener should include the following:

  1. a list necessary pre-req topics. What you should know…
  2. Section vocabulary
  3. learning objectives for that section
    Section body
    Each objective
    Explanation of topics to include diagrams, pictures and step by step solutions.
    Embedded videos of explanation
    Step by step examples with verbal explanations at each step. These could be the same problems in the embedded videos.
    You try it questions, these could be in writing or embedded with videos
    Caution boxes for common errors
    Technology tips
    Practice exercises: group to refer back to the example in the section
    Vocabulary questions.
    End of chapter:
    List of all vocabulary
    List and example of each objective
    End of chapter quiz

If the chapter is longer, include a mid chapter quiz.

In section of “you try it”, it can check and deepen the understanding of the knowledge point if immediate response can be provided and concepts used to answer the questions can be highlighted.

Thank You.

Thank you Donna for sharing your outline. Also, thank you Yi for your comment. Here are my initial thoughts:

- Chapter Outline
- Section Introduction
- Learning Objectives
- Problem or Focus question
- Section/subsection (including embedded notes/videos)
- Worked out Example.
- Try out examples.
- Common Pitfalls and tips
- Checkpoints/ section quiz (both multiple choice and calculations)
- Section Summary
- Key terms
- Key Equations
- Further readings/resources

Hoping to start working on the frist section and then the first chapter.

Thank you, Donna and Yi, for your outstanding work on chapter 1. I have successfully imported most parts of the book, excluding vectors and polar coordinates, as we have yet to decide on their inclusion. Presently, I am focusing on Chapter 3, the Law of Sines and Cosines. Unfortunately, all the equations were distorted during the import process, resulting in the manual cleanup.

I have added a glossary page as a back matter of the book to improve its usability. As of now, the book does not have any learning objectives for any sections. Thus, I plan to add them for Chapter 3, along with H5P content for self-check questions, and logging all changes. Excited to see how the first section will come out.

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@ddensmore and @bkunwor - Thank you both for sharing your thoughts on a chapter outline.

@Yi_Zhen - thank you for your follow-up comment.

@bkunwor - Thank you for trying to do some clean-up with Chapter 3. I agree learning objectives is a need, but I suggest waiting until all the content is put in the resource and rearranged before deciding on objectives for each section/chapter.

I will help with H5P content (I found a few on this website Kaitlin shared:, but we can talk about how to create our own in the pressbook website to use.