Plan OER Structure Part 1C: Model Chapter

Finite Math cohort -

Let’s plan the detailed structure of a sample chapter that will guide us in our content creation.

I just spoke to Renae and she has helped me come up with the following:
We should minimize reading and wordiness, because our students don’t read. They are turned off by wordiness.
Each chapter should have a title and a list of sections.
Each section should include the section objectives, followed by an explanation of topics, highlighted key points, and embedded examples. I like the idea of “You Try It” examples. Finally, homework problems followed by answers to HW. I linked set of worked out solutions to HW would be very helpful for students.
I do not think that anyone will be surprised by this. It pretty much follows the layout of textbooks that we use every day. Gearing problems to regional and cultures topics would help to make it our own.

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I would love to be able to include a video lecture for each section of each chapter. Or at least a youtube plpaylist of short lectures.

Including short videos is a good idea. Students seem to really appreciate them, and use them.
Unfortunately, watching a video is more appealing than reading a text.

In the Open homework/assessment platform, My Open Math, there are whole courses created with text material, videos, and the homework/assessment assignments. Each of you should probably reach out to them to request an instructor account if you don’t already have one. The link is below. Both Jared and I have used My Open Math, and in my opinion, it is a great free platform. All open homework platforms are not free, but this one is. Once you open an instructor account you can search through the pre-made courses based on the level of math and the course titles that are available. We can start with a course that is pre-built and add to it, remove from it, change the text, change the videos, or whatever we want to do. Once we all have accounts, and if they give me admin rights (which I just requested) I will be able to add each of you to a course that I can copy from a template course, and we can use that course as a “working document” to make updates as we see fit. I am waiting for their reply. If Jared has admin rights, he can do this as well.