Plan OER Structure Part 1C: Model Chapter

Applied Calc. cohort -

Let’s plan the detailed structure of a sample chapter that will guide us in our content creation.

Chapter Openers:

  • Prerequisites

  • Chapter Outline

  • Learning Objectives

  • Vocabulary (let’s choose beginning or end, but probably not both)

  • introductions (not sure if it overlaps another item)

Integrated Pedagogical Devices Throughout

  • Bold faced words throughout

  • Lists that highlight main points

  • Theorems, diagrams, figures, tables

  • Example problems with step by step instructions and verbal explanations (at least one for each objective)

  • tips or common errors to avoid ( prevent the learner from misconceptions or procedural errors)

  • reminders, facts or skills to recall (e.g. make sure that something that was previously introduced is remembered)

  • Videos of problems being worked out

Chapter Closers (We will have to decide how much of this is in the book and how much of this is in the Moodle Online Learning Program, or if it is duplicated in both places)

  • Exercises/problems to work (there will be a Moodle integration, so this may not be as extensive as a standalone textbook)
  • Conclusions and summaries
  • List of definitions (we should do vocabulary at the beginning or end, but maybe not both)
  • Self-Assessment/ End of Chapter quiz
  • Reference boxes (depending on subject)
  • substantial exercises and problem cases
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Thank you Karen for sharing your outline. I prefer highlights, vocabulary, and summaries as chapter closures. Here are my initial thoughts:

- Chapter Outline
- Section Introduction
- Learning Objectives
- Problem or Focus question
- Section/subsection (including embedded notes/videos)
- Worked out Example.
- Try out examples.
- Common Pitfalls and tips
- Checkpoints/ section quiz (both multiple choice and calculations)
- Section Summary
- Key terms
- Key Equations
- Further readings/resources

Excited to start our first section and see how it comes out

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