Starting to Edit: OpenStax Prerequisite

I’ll continue to edit with 12. Other Types of Equations

@gbradley, Yes, Pressbook is new to me. However, I am working.

I am working on evaluating exponential functions and graphs. I do not want to move forward until I figure out the following:

  1. How to create Show/Hide Solution
  2. Create a fraction not in the form 1/2 but use a horizontal line instead of diagonal
  3. Create a radical
  4. Format text (some text is shifting either left or right)

Do you have any suggestions?

@csingleton , We are all learning and it can be frustrating.

  1. The Show/Hide Solution was already inherited from the cloning of the OpenStax text. We haven't done anything with those.
  2. To create a fraction use \frac{}{}. The backslash indicates the code. The numerator in the first set of braces and the denominator in the second.
  3. For the square root it is \sqrt{}. For an nth root: \sqrt[n]{}
  4. I've mainly been using the visual editor when I want to shift text left or right.
  5. I sometimes use this website as a quick reference for [LaTex symbols](

    I’m also keeping a list of things I cannot do in the summary of adaptions so I can get some help from Elizabeth later on.

I’m going to start working on 13. Linear Inequalities and Absolute Value Inequalities.

@karen.perilloux , I’m working on the Linear Inequalities and was able to fix Table 1. It seems that the LaTex code was use &lt for < and &gt for>. I had to change it to \lt and \gt. Just wanted to let you know in the event you ran across some of those errors again.

@gbradley @csingleton @karen.perilloux; It seems that “Chapter: Equations and Inequalities” is almost done except for “Chapter Review Exercises and Chapter Practice Test.” I will start working on the “Chapter Review Exercises” and “Chapter Practice Test” sections. What is our next plan? Are we going to work all in the same chapter or work each of us in an individual chapter?

I think we should divide up the work by sections since some chapters are longer than others. I think if we all did 7-8 sections we will have the book covered (minus the prerequisite chapter). If you have a topic that you are fond of just claim those sections. I am not particular, but have almost completed 4 sections already.

I think that’s a good plan. There are eight sections in the “Chapter: Functions.” I will work on all of them.

@pghimire , I had previously made place holders for the Chapter Review Exercises . I’m going to get the information copied into those sections today.

I’m going to take the rest of the Linear Functions chapter. I’ve completed 4 sections in Equations and this chapter has 4 sections as well. @karen.perilloux that would put you taking Polynomial and Rational Functions if you don’t have any objections.

Sorry for the delay in my response. I just got back in town after the Easter Holiday. Yes, I will take the Polynomial and Rational Functions Unit and edit sections 28-34.

@pghimire Your edit on section 16 looks great. I like the center alignment of the set of ordered pairs.It is much easier to read. I may need to get some help on how to do that.

@karen.perilloux: I think all the equations in Pressbook are written using the latex code [latex] [/latex], which gives left alignment. If we use a double dollar ‘$$ $$’ instead of ‘[latex] [/latex],’ we will get the center alignment. For example, [latex] x + y = 3 [/latex] produces the equation x+ y = 3 with left alignment while $$ x+ y = 3 $$ puts the equation x+y =3 at the center of the page.

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@pghimire, @gbradley, @karen.perilloux: I will continue to work on the Chapter Exponential and Logarithmic Functions. Here are the sections:

  • 5.1 Exponential Functions and Graphs,
  • 5.2 Logarithmic Functions and Graphs,
  • 5.3 Logarithmic Properties,
  • 5.4 Exponential and Logarithmic Equations, and
  • 5.5 Exponential and Logarithmic Models

There are more than eight objectives. This Chapter is work in progress. I am not sure how many sections will be developed.

@csingleton , The orginal openstax text has your first two sections into 4.
If we want to revert to that, it is fine with me. These would then be the first 4 sections.
Exponential Functions
Exponential Graphs
Logarthimic Functions
Logarthimic Graphs

@gbradley, I will do Exponential Functions, Exponential Graphs, Logarthimic Functions,
Logarthimic Graphs, and Systems of Equations. I can work on the Chapters Review and Exercises for these five sections. How many more sections do I need?

@csingleton ,
I was under the impression that you were taking the Exponential and Log Chapter per your previous post. @pghimire is doing the Functions chapter. @karen.perilloux is doing the Polynomial and Rational Functions Chapter. I am doing the Linear Functions chapter. Karen, Prakash, and I already completed the Equations chapter.

@gbradley, thank you for the clarification!

@pghimire ,
Did you finish 2.3 complex numbers in the Pressbooks with images? I see it still isn’t numbered, so don’t know if it has been completed.

@gbradley : I had totally forgotten to review this section. Thank you for reminding me. I have just completed this section, Review Chapter, and Practice Test.

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