Reviewing the Pressbook

Hey Team,
@pghimire , @csingleton, @karen.perilloux , @jeusea ,
Since the meeting last Friday, I guess we need to start reviewing the Pressbook. We need to decide how to divide the work. I think we shouldn’t review the individual chapter that we did. @csingleton, I think you should take Equations and Inequalities since the rest of us worked on some of those sections. It would be good to get some fresh eyes on it.
Some of the things I think we need to review are:

  1. Show Solution - ensure the default is closed.
  2. Headers for accessibility - since we used Header 1’s, we probably need to review to make sure other headers are in order.
  3. Are we ready to implement a numbering system? Now that we have the book pieces where we want them, it would be time to manually add in a numbering system if we would like to.
  4. Verify any external/ internal links.
  5. Need to verify alt text on images. (I believe Jared has other insights into images to discuss with the team as well.)

Please reply with:

  1. How should we divide the work. (There are about 55 sections including intro, exercises, practice test. or 6 chapters which includes the prerequisites)
  2. Do you want to implement a numbering system. If so, does the prerequisite start with 1 or 0? Are we numbering just chapters and sections or getting detailed with numbering examples, etc.
  3. Other items that you feel we need to review during the process.
  1. We could divide the work and give each person an entire unit to review. But we could also have different people review all of the sections looking for different things, such as the 5 things @gbradley listed (show solution, headers, …) and reviewing the overall content at the same time. This would get more eyes on each section, but we would have to make sure the workload is divided equally.
  2. Maybe we can number the prerequisite unit in line with the other textbooks. For example, in the Applied Calculus book, the prerequisites unit is 1. Algebra Review. Maybe Jared would know how the other cohorts are numbering their Prerequisite units.

I am trying to finish my sections asap, but I am having a few problems. I have several graphs that are not in the original book. I would like to create these graphs, but I want to use the same program that was used for the other graphs. Does anyone know what was used to make the original graphs? I don’t think it’s Desmos.

@karen.perilloux ,
I have no idea what program they used for their graphs. I would suggest just using desmos. You can also try to look at the first edition precalculus book to see if the graphs are in there: Ch. 1 Introduction to Functions - Precalculus | OpenStax . From this link you can navigate the book. I was able to find some items in the 1st edition Precalculus book.