Recap 7/20 Meeting

No meeting next week, July 27, 2023
All cohort groups meeting in August (1st – 3rd) — doodle poll was sent out in last email
• For real this time going to talk about Moodle and MyOpenMath course
• Including training for editing assignments in MyOpenMath

We mainly discussed images being brought into the Media Library and filling in the Alt-Text, Caption, and Attributions.

Everyone can start their review of the text (review chapters/sections posted in last Rebus Forum). Reviewing mainly for content right now.

Question needing to be answered were emailed to LOUIS:

  1. Skipping headings
  2. Other non-Figure images and attributions

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I got back answers to the questions from this meeting. See below.

1. Can heading levels be skipped and still have “good” accessibility in the book? For example, some titles were made to Heading 1 for them to link in the Table of Contents, but this then the Example that was there after some content had a Heading 3 title. This was probably because what was made a Heading 1 originally was a Heading 2 when the book was brought in from the other source. So do all the Examples now need to have the Heading 2 instead of Heading 3? The group is reviewing the book and that was one question that was asked to be checked.

Heading should always occur sequentially within a text. So, it could go: 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 1, 2, 3. But should not go 1, 3, 1, 2, 4. If that makes sense. 1 can come after 3 to restart a structure within a text. But, you should not skip from 1 to 3 due to a style preference.

If you import from Word, chapters will begin with 2 (because the chapter title itself is 1). You can keep with that and not have H1 in the chapter itself. Or, if you all prefer to revise and begin at H1 in the chapter, that is fine as well.

2. We talked in our 1-1 last week that there are other “images/illustrations” that are math work – these could not be done in Latex. From what I understand, these should still be brought into the Media Library and put in the book to have the louis.pressbook source, right? For accessibility reasons, they would also need an alt-tag. I thought that just bringing them in the Media Library, giving it an alt-tag, and then putting it in the book would work; however, once you do that, the title of the image shows in the bottom of the Chapter under Media Attributions. So should the group just go ahead and attribute all of them anyways like the other figures, or can a statement be put somewhere about these images and them coming from a source? If for example, they were consistently titled “Example Figure #” or there are even a ton of figures that are in the problems at the end of the section, so title those “Problem Figure #.

For the images, you can double check if they are on the LOUIS Pressbooks servers already but right clicking and copying the image URL to view it. If it is not a LOUIS URL, then you want to bring the images in.

There is a way to remove media attributions by deleting the title: Media Attributions – Pressbooks Guide . I think it is fine to exclude these from the attributions given the nature of these images.