Reviewing Chapter 6 - Cynthia

@csingleton Hi Cynthia,
I am still reviewing your Chapter and there are numerous images that have not been brought in to the Openstax library. They are still hosted on Amazon Web services and will not appear in the book once it goes live. The quickest way to find them: When you are editing, go to the Text (HTML) tab instead of visual. Then do a find (CTRL +F) and search for amazon. This will get you to all of the images that need to be re-uploaded. I spent the past 2 weeks doing this to my 160+ images for Unit 5. :grimacing: And then the attributions need to be completed so they show up automatically at the bottom of the page.
I began to re-upload almost all of the figures for your unit 6, but I have now discovered that there are so many more that I won’t have time to get to quickly. I will continue editing in the meantime.

@karen.perilloux Hi Karen,
Work is underway for uploading figures, images, and others into the Openstax library. There are at least 180 items to upload to Openstax for Unit 6. I will change the figure’s size to standard. Some of the figures and others are untitled. We can discuss this in the Cohort meeting tomorrow. I am finding the same situation in other Units. I have found three more Openstax e-books (Algebra, Precalculus, and College Algebra).

I hope to finish uploading the figures and others by the end of next week. I need to know what to do with the untilted items. I want to be on the same page with others.