Recap 7/18 Meeting

No meeting next week, July 25, 2023
All cohort groups meeting in August (1st – 3rd) — doodle poll was sent out in last email
• For real this time going to talk about Moodle and MyOpenMath course
• Including training for editing assignments in MyOpenMath

Work hard to get all the edits listed during the last meeting finished before the end of the month of July.

Additional discussion:

• Donna is going to start reading through the text for the following:
o Broken math type
o Solutions remaining open (to fix html)
o Missing images – this should be taken care of with the image attributions discussed below
o Possible rearrangement of content
o Any major edits to be made still

• Back and Front Matter
o Ignore Front Matter for now!
o Back Matter – will keep Glossary and Adaptations
*** Please add to your adaptations section

• Images and Media Library
o All images should be in Media Library. Follow instructions that were shown in today’s meeting for Alt-Text, Title, Caption and Attributions. Make sure Attributions show on the bottom of each Chapter.
o We are only doing content images to start – no examples, checkpoints, or exercises