INAA: Chapter 12-The Southeast

More information coming soon…

Hey, folks! Hope all is well here. Just looking to get a dialogue going about our chapter with the rest of the team. I’m Morgan Smith, a Ph.D. candidate in the Center for the Study of the First Americans at Texas A&M. I’m working on building a better understanding of the First Americans period in the Southeast United States by adding to the radiocarbon chronology of the region and understanding less-studied post-Clovis groups, such as Suwannee and Simpson in the lower Southeast. My specialty is the Paleoindian and Early Archaic periods, but I have a general working knowledge of Southeastern culture history in its entirety. I recently reached ABD status and have a relatively open schedule, so I’d be happy to help organize the chapter if needed. I look forward to meeting and working with you all!

@mfsmith1964 Hi Morgan. Thanks for jumping right in here. There is a really great group in every region, including the southeast. Wow, an open schedule. That sounds wonderful! Let’s schedule another chat. I really enjoyed our last one :slight_smile:

Haha “relatively open!” Sounds good, I enjoyed it as well. How does this week look for you?

@mfsmith1964 Yes, I should have read more carefully! This week is a bit full, but maybe next week? Excited to see how these outlines shape up!

Next week sounds great! Let’s stay in touch.

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Hi everyone. I just want to ensure two things:
1. Has everyone seen the Author Guide here:
2. Once you are signed up for a given chapter(s), you will receive access to all Google folders and docs necessary to complete the work in your group. If you are signed up for a chapter and you have not received access via email, please let me know!
That is all for now. Let me know if you have any questions as you work towards completing your chapter outline by November 1st. ~Katie

Hey folks! I tossed some info up on the chapter outline. I saw Katie and Michelle’s additions which are awesome! Feel free to drop some stuff in there. We still need some Woodland/Mississippian stuff and some general Archiac info.

@mfsmith1964 Hey Morgan (and everyone else), sorry for the delay. I put some quick thoughts about Mississippian (and Woodland) on the outline but was hesitant to claim too much to write since I think there are a lot of Mississippian-ists on this chapter. However it is already after the Nov. 1st deadline so I didn’t want to put it off any longer. My suggestion was to do a similar structure to both the Woodland and Mississippian sections since a discussion of what it means to be “Mississippian” is often thought of in contrast to Woodland groups (which persist alongside Mississippian groups in many areas). I think that would make structuring both sections smoother. Although if someone else has a better idea please let me know!

@ashley.schubert This sounds great! Yea, I think we should just start divying stuff up so that we can get the ball rolling.
I like the idea! That is definitely out of my realm, so I’ll let yall hash it out :wink: I’ll be adding a few more tidbits tonight!

@mfsmith1964 @ashley-schubert Hi there. Wow, super impressive outline. I just took a peek. Sorry I have been a bit quiet. Where did November go?! How are you all feeling in terms of getting the team to write their first drafts of various sections? Happy to host a Hangout if we need to think through anything in terms of logistics etc. ~Katie