INAA: Chapter 3-North America's first inhabitants

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Hey, folks! Hope all is well here. Just looking to get a dialogue going about our chapter with the rest of the team. I’m Morgan Smith, a Ph.D. candidate in the Center for the Study of the First Americans at Texas A&M. I’m working on building a better radiocarbon chronology for the Southeast United States, understanding how the First Americans adapted to climate change, and how groups “settled in” to the continent during and immediately following the Clovis period. I recently reached ABD status and have a relatively open schedule, so I’d be happy to help organize the chapter if needed. I look forward to meeting and working with you all!

@mfsmith1964 Hi Morgan. So glad to have you as a part of this group. It is a great team! I really look forward to working with you on this larger project.

Hi everyone. I just want to ensure two things:

  1. Has everyone seen the Author Guide here:
  2. Once you are signed up for a given chapter(s), you will receive access to all Google folders and docs necessary to complete the work in your group. If you are signed up for a chapter and you have not received access via email, please let me know!

That is all for now. Let me know if you have any questions as you work towards completing your chapter outline by November 1st. ~Katie

Hello Morgan. Thanks for starting this discussion. My research interests involve regional differintiation during the Late Paleoindian period, specifically studying contact between highly mobile groups by analyzing stylistic variability in projectile points. I completed my Ph.D. from the University of New Mexico. Since I relocated to Baltimore, I am starting a new research project in the mid Atlantic. I had some computer problems so I am just now looking at the documents, but I hope to contribute to the outline this week.

@c.k.fogle Hello and so glad to have you on this chapter team! Your work sounds like something that should definitely be incorporated into this chapter, so that is awesome.

All the best,

Katie Kirakosian

@c.k.fogle Groovy! Sounds like a cool project! I actually cited your dissertation recently in a manuscript! Nice to somewhat meet you!

Hey folks! Brendan and I added some info to the chapter outline on google docs. Feel free to add your two cents! We will update with more resources tomorrow.

@c.k.fogle It looks good I’ll add more details later–have a morning meeting regarding 3-D printing of projectile points today.

Can we use the overview articles recently published in Paleoamerica both as reference and as links? Here’s one example that I have used recently. Jonathan C. Lothrop, Darrin L. Lowery, Arthur E. Spiess & Christopher J. Ellis(2016) Early Human Settlement of Northeastern North America, PaleoAmerica,
2:3, 192-251,DOI:

The article is in the Taylor and Francis database at one point I got behind the paywall, but I don’t know if that’s reoccurring. I don’t have institutional library access.

@c.k.fogle Yes, absolutely! The Lothrop article was on my list, as was the Anderson one for the Southeast. Those are exquisite articles. I have access to that one, as it’s my research institutions’ journal, so I can grab any that are needed. I’ll peck away a bit more at it tonight

@mfsmith1964 Hi team. Sounds awesome. How goes the outlining? ~Katie