INAA: Chapter 4-The Arctic

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Hi everyone. I just want to ensure two things:

  1. Has everyone seen the Author Guide here:
  2. Once you are signed up for a given chapter(s), you will receive access to all Google folders and docs necessary to complete the work in your group. If you are signed up for a chapter and you have not received access via email, please let me know!

That is all for now. Let me know if you have any questions as you work towards completing your chapter outline by November 1st. ~Katie

Hi everyone, I have just signed on to this chapter, and chapter 5 as well.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in anthropology, and an interdisciplinary Master’s degree that included topics in circumpolar anthropology, Arctic and Subarctic ethnobiology, and Quaternary paleoecology and archaeology of Beringia. Additionally, I have more than a decade of experience conducting academic research in partnership with northern First Nations communities in Alberta, Canada.

I recently started my doctorate, and currently work as an instructional designer in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Alberta.

Hi there,
My name is Amelia and I have spent much of my academic career working with the Labrador Inuit. My PhD dissertation focused on Inuit-European contact along the Labrador coast from 16th-19th centuries, but I have also worked on Precontact Inuit sites and taught Arctic history. I am now Curator of the Hudson’s Bay Company Museum Collection, so my focus has turned to the fur trade but my interests remain on the north!
I’m a bit late joining and now a bit fearful for the November 1st deadline! I’m just figuring out how Rebus works and checking out the google documents but I’ll get myself up to speed.

@afay @kralph Hi! Just checking in on how you all are doing? I am really looking forward to seeing this outline. I hope the deadline did not overwhelm you. I encourage you to just spend an hour outlining the important sections for the chapter this week, if possible. I know time is limited, but hopefully this makes the process seem manageable. It is amazing what you can sketch out on paper in an hour. Let me know how I might help!

Also, be sure to share this project with your colleagues. The more the merrier! ~Katie