INAA: Project Summary

Title: From the Ground Up: An Introduction to North American Archaeology
Lead editor: Katie Kirakosian (UMass Amherst)
Rebus project manager: Zoe Wake Hyde
License: CC-BY
Subject: Archaeology
Target audience: Introductory-level archaeology students
Target release date: Fall 2018

Project/Book description:
From the Ground Up: An Introduction to North American Archaeology offers a broad overview of the diverse groups that have called “North America” home for over 10,000 years and how lessons from the past are relevant today.

For more, see the Project Overview & Author Guide.

Help Needed:
We are currently looking for:

  • Regional chapter contributors, especially those outside of academia (i.e CRM and museum professionals)
  • Descendant community collaborators
  • Chapter reviewers with a depth of knowledge on a region in North America

As the project progresses we will also need help with:

  • Copyediting
  • Proofreading
  • Accessibility checks
  • Formatting in Pressbooks
  • Marketing
  • Contributing instructor resources

How to participate:
If you are willing to contribute to one of the areas listed above, let us know in the volunteer thread, giving us a brief bio, an idea of your interests on the project and any questions you might have. We’ll then reach out and make sure you have what you need to get involved!

If you’re interested in the project generally, or still not sure where you’d like to get involved, you can follow the updates & discussion thread for project updates. We’ll keep you posted on how the project progresses and what help we’re looking for at different stage, so you can jump in if and when you like.

This project couldn’t happen without your participation. All contributing authors will be credited prominently in their chapter, the book and promotional materials. All editors, reviewers and other contributors will also be credited.


Title (subject to change)
Chapter 1 North American Archaeology today: theory, method, and practice
Chapter 2 North American Archaeology: a history of the discipline
Chapter 3 North America’s first inhabitants
Chapter 4 The Arctic
Chapter 5 The Subarctic
Chapter 6 The Northwest Coast
Chapter 7 California
Chapter 8 The Southwest
Chapter 9 The Great Basin
Chapter 10 The Plateau
Chapter 11 The Plains
Chapter 12 The Southeast
Chapter 13 The Eastern Woodlands
Chapter 14 Historical Archaeology
Chapter 15 Archaeology, heritage laws, and international agreements
Chapter 16 Ensuring the past’s future is ensuring our future
Appendix A Teaching Resources

Project Overview & Author Guide
List of Chapter Authors
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