Introducing myself: Jako Olivier

Hi everyone,

I am Jako Olivier and I have a keen interest in all things OER. I am currently holder of the UNESCO Chair on Multimodal Learning and Open Educational Resources (OER) at North-West University (NWU), South Africa.

My research located within the NWU’s Research Unit for Self-directed Learning, is focused on self-directed multimodal learning, open educational resources, multiliteracies, individualized blended learning, e-learning in language classrooms, online multilingualism and macro-sociolinguistics.

I am looking forward to engage with members of the Rebus Community on OER and especially research in this context.

Kind regards

Hi Jako, welcome to the Rebus Community! Your research interests sound very timely for the current moment in higher education as more instructors are engaging with OER. Feel free to look through the list of OER projects in our textbook directory to see if you can lend your expertise or if you would like to connect with anyone. :slight_smile: I see that you’ve also created a few projects of your own — if you’re looking to grow your team or have calls for participation to share, you can tag them #cfp to make them more discoverable.

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