Introduction: Charity Davenport, OER textbook creator who needs help!

Hello everyone. My name is Charity Davenport. I am an instructor at the English Language Institute at the University of Tennessee. I am also currently pursuing another Master’s, this time in Instructional Technology. I have been working on what started as a course packet of readings that involve learning English through Greek mythology. It is geared toward adult ESL learners, pre-University, advanced English. Over the years I have slowly been using more open resources to build the course packet, and recently converted about 99% of it to “open” in order to meet the requirements to receive a grant, which I did receive. I will need someone in my department to use the textbook in the Fall semester.

I recently piloted a few chapters this term and found a lot of things I needed to revise. How would I go about having others revise or give me feedback about my textbook here?

My open textbooks can be accessed here:

When…or if I can ever actually finish this once and for all, I would also like to publish my ESL adapted version of “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” and start working on a textbook of readings about famous people in different fields around the world.

Hi Charity, welcome to the Rebus Community!

Instructional Technology seems like a very cool field to specialize in – good luck with the degree. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the links to your course packet It’s all Greek to Me - what a unique and interesting way to engage with ESL learners. I studied Greek Mythology during my undergrad degree, and always enjoyed reading the stories and myths (in a way that wasn’t the same with other literature texts). Like you say in the start of your book, language learning can be more than just grammar and rules; it can be fun!

The best way to start would be to set up a project home – just visit the link above, click on +New Topic, and enter the brief details there. Once complete, we’ll create your own discussion space, where you can start inviting adopters/readers to give feedback about the textbook. You can also write up a short call for feedback/reviewers and share it in the Contributor Marketplace.

The adapted version of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz also sounds very exciting – hopefully this first project will wrap up quickly and you can get going on this!