Kris Olds (UW-Madison)

Hi - I am a brand new member of the Rebus Community. I’ll be working with a number of people, some of you I hope(!), to help get a new open text on Global Regions off the ground and hopefully published by Spring 2018. The text is an edited one, pitched at intermediate level undergrads in human geography, and will be jointly edited with John Agnew (UCLA). Kramer Gillin is our open text TA this term and has already introduced himself here a few weeks ago. We’ll also be working with Steel Wagstaff and Amanda Larsen at UW-Madison in the College of Letters & Science Learning Support Services unit. On a related note, Steel and I presented a talk last week title on OERs and open texts - the slides are available here OK, that’s it for now…precis will be posted soon once we finish drafting it! Bye…Kris

Hi Kris, wonderful to see you here. Really looking forward to kicking off your project!