Kyle Denlinger, Wake Forest University (NC)

Hey everyone–I’m Kyle Denlinger, the eLearning Librarian at Wake Forest. Looking forward to working with this community!

Hi Kyle! Welcome, glad to see you here. Do you have some Open Textbooks in the wings? Or, are you interested in helping get some other projects off the ground?

I don’t have anything of my own, save for an early OA information literacy text some colleagues produced before my time, which I now steward. It’s in serious need of attention–both revision and porting to another platform.

Other than that, happy to help with other projects.

Interesting? Do you think that (someone) might be convinced to release that with a CC BY license (vs the current CC NC licence)?

That’s our price of admission for projects, see:

… Otherwise, we’re excited to find some other projects for you to contribute to ! :wink: