Michael Dabrowski, Athabasca University

Hi Everyone! I am a Coordinator of Spanish at Athabasca University / Ed.D. student at Athabasca University focused on OERs and mobile learning.

A couple of years ago, I was fortunate enough to receive a Campus Alberta Open Educational Resources Initiative development grant to create an on-line textbook for Spanish language instruction. The project is now a vibrant community of academics, graduate and undergraduate students working towards the completion of the 2nd half of the textbook to complete the full first year curriculum. This experience focus my interests and pointed me in the direction of further studies to become a better advocate for OERs on a larger scale.

I look forward to learning and sharing in the growing world of open education.

@dabrowsk Hi Michael, welcome to the Rebus Community! The Spanish language textbook sounds like a fantastic resource – please do share a link when it is complete/ready for public viewing! We’d love to hear some of your feedback on working with students to create OER, or suggestions that you may want to include in future editions of the Guide to Making Open Textbooks with Students.

Another project that may interest you is the Antología abierta de literatura hispana, where instructors and students work together to create Critical Editions to expand the existing open anthology.

Happy to collaborate with you and learn more about open education!

Hey Michael, Welcome!! Good to see you here. :slight_smile: